According to this project, teachers of government schools are provided with multiple training opportunities. Education plays an important part in developing a nation but teacher is the person who is at heart of this development. The training of teachers is considered as one of the pivotal aspects for uplifting the educational standards in the country. KIF realizes the importance of teachers’ training and therefore initiated trainings in the year 2009 under the name of “Tarbiat e Asatzah, Qaumi taraqi ka rasta”. Under this project, within first couple of years, more than 20 workshops were conducted across 9 different cities of the country.

In this project, teachers are provided training workshops on teaching methodologies, classroom management, school management and time management techniques. All of these trainings are without any expenses incurred to the teachers or private institutes. More than thousands of teachers have been trained in the provinces of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.