Karwan-e-Ilm Foundation as an Educational NGO is working for uplifting needy but brilliant students, who can become the intellects of tomorrow. The first informal step of this organization was taken in August, 2002 by few of the patriotic and eminent personalities from the field of education, business, law and journalism, literature. Later on, this organization was registered as independent Not-for-Profit organization in the year 2004 in the office of Registrar Joint Stock Companies, Government of Punjab, Lahore under Section 1860, revised as Companies Act 2017.

An elected executive body of eleven members are responsible for running the all affairs of this organization. The elections are conducted after every five years and office bearers are elected. All executive members are not only providing their services on voluntary basis but they and their families are donors of the organization. The major projects of this organization are scholarship, parents’ welfare, career counseling, teacher training, primary education rehabilitation etc. KIF is successfully running all of these projects with the help of donations and zakats given by the patriotic and generous Pakistanis residing within and overseas. The efforts of KIF have proven to be highly fruitful as hundreds of the students after their graduation, have been employed at various public and private sector positions of highest grades. This achievement has also led into improving financial situations of the families of such students. All the projects of KIF are being run with the belief and aim of enlightening the youth of Pakistan ultimately leading to a better Superior Pakistan.