After 15 years of provision of numerous scholarships, financial assistance, personal interaction with the needy but brilliant students and a deep understanding of the educational system, KIF realized that there is an utmost need of career counseling for students. This led to initiation of a new project of career counseling with the name of Career Karwan. Under this project, students and youth are helped by providing them information on possible educational opportunities, different disciplines and their scope in professional lives. The project has a separate website, a YouTube channel and a Facebook page. This project is used for providing educational news, results, admissions information, past papers, competitive exams details (CSS and PMS), lectures, videos, articles, blogs, book reviews, syllabus details, notes and FAQs on scholarships. The success stories are one of the unique aspect of this project, students are facilitated with the write-up as well as videos of the prominent professionals who struggled in their life and achieved success. This professional wisdom helps the students in becoming intellects and future leaders of the society. KIF believes that due to this project, the young generation can become skillful and empowered citizens of the country. This career counseling will not only help in shaping up the careers of youth but also promote elements of leadership, encouragement and motivation to grow and move forward.

Various platforms of career counseling are as under: